Terms & Conditions


“Fine Print” There isn’t any!

However, things you should know…

  • If your blinds are mounted in the inside window recess, meet in the corner or butt together there will be gaps!
  • If your blinds are made from timber, fabric, aluminium or PVC they are subject to colour variations!
  • If your blinds are made of fabric and either pull or roll up and down they may not always sit perfectly flat!
  • When you roll your new blinds up and down, like children, they need gentle guidance!
  • Sunblinds like sun not storms – roll them up in storms!
  • Very serious! Any looped chain must be at least 1.6 meters off the floor or have a child safety device fitted!
  • You are responsible to ensure all your current window furnishings and fittings are removed prior to installation. There is a $20 removal fee per window for internal blinds and $50 removal fee per window for external awnings should your window furnishings not be removed unless noted on contract agreement.
  • Once your window furnishings are ready to be installed, should you be delayed, we will hold your window furnishings in our storage facility. However, after four weeks, goods must be paid for in full, until such time as you require installation.
  • If the Client fails to pay in accordance with this clause, the Company may charge interest at 10% per annum, calculated monthly on all overdue invoices, which shall be added monthly to your account. If we incur any legal, enforcement or other expenses in obtaining payment from a Client, the Client must reimburse those expenses.
  • Condition of sale is: Balance to be paid on installation. You can choose to pay cash, cheque or credit card to installer on installation. By entering into this contract you are authorising Cost Less Decor Blinds to debit your credit card should you not pay by cash or cheque on day of installation.
  • We are able to give you the very best competitive pricing in the market place. All we ask is that you pay on installation!
  • Warranty / Guarantee – Call it what you will, if it’s faulty we fix it, no charge for 5 years!

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