We stock an extensive range of elegant and modern, high-quality curtains for windows and doors. Our team can help with measuring and assisting in finding the perfect curtains to complement your area.

Triple Pinch Pleat
Groups of three pleats, spaced evenly to create fullness and neat stacking to the side. Ideal when there is less wall space beside your window.

Pencil Pleat / Gather
Gathered headings have a soft, informal and less structured look with heading tape sewn across the top and a choice of different tape sizes.

A smooth continuous ‘wave’ effect is created with two options, wave hook or wave stud. This contemporary style is easy to operate, highly functional and the drapes have a neat stack back.

Double Pinch Pleat
Groups of two pleats are spaced evenly along resulting in a less full, simpler appearance on large windows.

Reverse/ Inverted Pleat
This style is designed to hang below a decorative track or rod with a stack back larger than that of other styles.

Rod Pocket /Slotted
This heading is a casual relaxed look and is a cost effective solution with curtains fixed directly on a decorative rod.

S-Fold Curtains

S-Fold curtains give a luxurious touch to your home. Also known as Ripple-Fold or S-Track.

  • Uniquely designed track creates a modern and soft ‘s’ shape - no pleats or gathers needed.
  • Blends with floor or ceiling, unifies windows or expanses
  • Headings, suspended under the track, cannot tip or sag. They are always perfectly positioned and spaced.
  • Manual or motorised system
  • Helps to block light bleeding from the ceiling
  • Available in a range of colours and fabrics for different light effects - our team can liaise with
    you or your architect to design.

Curtain Drapes

Drapes provide colour and impact to every room, while providing excellent light control, privacy and reduced outside noise levels - allowing you to control your environment. They also can preserve up to 20% of the total heat in your home. Choosing the Curtain-heading is integral in deciding what Drape style is right for you. Each heading offers a different look and different amount of fabric fullness.

Sheer Curtains

Just a simple sheer over a window has an effect like no other window furnishing.

In over 100 colours and patterns, and 6 different tracking options, you will have no trouble finding the sheer curtain look of your choice.

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