Roller Blinds

Cost Less Decor Blinds Roller Blinds offer high quality fabrics, designed for performance and longevity, on a range of innovative hardware systems. Our Roller Blind offers many advanced features including the Rollease Acmeda RB09 chain drive. All of our roller blinds come in an extensive range of colours and styles.

Blockout Roller Blinds

Freshen up your home with the simple and affordable touch of blockout roller blinds. Not only are they easy to use, but they’ll keep the summer heat out and winter heating in.

  •  Fitted to the width of your window for optimal space
  • Large range of colours and fabrics to tailor to your decor
  • Ensures privacy
  • Uses heavy chain system to stand the test of time of the open and close
  • Low-maintenance to clean
  • Option for battery-operated

Dual Roller Blinds/Day Night Roller Blinds

Want the best of both worlds? Dual blinds are made up of one sunscreen roller blind, providing privacy and protection, and a blockout roller blind for privacy and insulation.

  • Chain controlled and neatly fit in to the recess of the blind
  • Range of colours and styles in-store

Sheer Sunscreen Roller Blinds

Sunscreen blinds are sleek and allow light in to your space without compromising on privacy. Range comes in 3% to 10% open-ness.

Motorised Roller Blinds

Sit back and relax and adjust your blinds at a push of a button. Easily connect your Automate™ Shades using our Automate™ Pulse Hub to the popular systems below and take shade control to the next level.

Holland Roller Blinds

Our Holland blinds come in both light filtering and full block out materials, and in an array of patterns and weaves. Made with a high-grade chain control for easier manoeuvring, the blind can be finished off with either scallops or a modernised aluminium base rail.

With a choice of over 200 colours to match with polyester, cotton, suede or flocke material, we’ve got you covered. The customary spring system is also available for those wanting a more traditional look.

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